Improve Fuel Efficiency with Side Skirts

Wiegand Liners is now an installer for Ridge Corporation's Green Wing Aerodynamic Side Skirts.  Customers pulling van trailers can now come to Wiegand Liners to improve their fuel economy by up to 5.2%.  Green Wing side skirts were developed using a Rolling Road Wind Tunnel to optomize performance.  They work by redirecting turbulance to reduce drag.

 Green Wing side skirts are designed to go over mid-trailer obstacles easily, and return to their original shape after impact.  After minor accidents, the stiffening struts can generally just be snapped back into place.  Because of the light-weight materials the side skirts are constructed with, they add only 200 pounds to your trailer.

 Green Wing side skirts can generally pay for themselves in fuel savings within the first year.  To see how much they could save you, use the savings calculator located at

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