What liner do I need?

To recommend the right liner for your application we need to know:

  • What products you haul
  • How many loads per day
  • How many days per year
  • The condition of the floor

We have a variety of liners to fit various needs.

What are the benefits of having Wiegand Liners install your liner?

Having installed over 4,000 liners for many different applications, we have the knowledge and experience to maximize the performance and longevity of your liner. Decreased maintenance and increased efficiency means more profit in your pocket.

Options we highly recommend:

  • Plastic welded Nose and Doghouse
  • The Glove™
  • No-Whale Tail Plate (asphalt applications)
  • Stainless Steel Subliner for thin tails

Can a liner be installed on a thin or wavy floor?

Yes, if the floor has waves up to 3/8" deep, a liner can be installed. If the waves are more that 3/8" deep, several options are available. In many cases major floor repair can be avoided, reducing your cost and downtime.

How long does it take to install a liner?

Our custom equipped shop allows us to install a liner in 4 to 6 hours. If the floor needs additional preparation, extra time may be needed.

What are the benefits of a lined and sealed Nose and Doghouse?

A sealed Nose and Doghouse area will seal the front, preventing materials from getting underneath the liner. This option will also reduce sticking, freezing and carry back in the most likely problem areas.

What are the advantages of the Liner Glove?

The Liner Glove keeps material from traveling forward underneath the tail of the liner, extending liner and trailer life. Takes less than one minute to check and clean out if necessary, thus greatly reducing maintenance time.

What are the benefits of using bolted coverstrips?

Our custom extruded coverstrip gives you a tight seal against the liner when installed. It also gives you the flexibility to remove the coverstrips, if necessary, saving downtime and money while also salvaging the coverstrips.

What are the benefits of a Stainless Steel Tail Plate?

The Stainless Steel Tail Plate overlays a worn floor at the tail, eliminating expensive repairs and downtime.

What liner choices are available from Wiegand Liners?

  • QuickSilver (virgin UHMW) - The toughest, slickest liner on the market. It outwears aluminum 3 to 1 and wears better than steel.
  • Durapro (recycled UHMW) - Wearability is 80 to 90% of QuickSilver at a reduced cost.
  • Easy-Slide (virgin HMW) - An economical liner for medium duty applications

More information is available on our Products page.

What liner is available for asphalt applications?

QuickSilver 1/2" has excellent release properties reducing the need for release agents and satisfies most insulation requirements with an R12 insulating value.

Why is a No-Whale Tail Plate needed for asphalt applications?

The No-Whale Tail Plate is fastened to the underside and rear of the liner, eliminating liner end curl.

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