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"We run 20 – 39’ end-dump trailers. We haul grain, coal, sand, and rock, so contamination is a big issue for our trucking company. We feel the best installation of liners has come from Wiegand Liners. These liners are better than any liners installed by the trailers’ manufacturers. There is no comparison to the Wiegand Liners installation. We have a factory floor liner that lasted less than 4 years. We have an original liner installed by Wiegand Liners in 1998 that is still workable and usable today. Steve recently did an installation on a new trailer; the trailer is empty by the time the trailer gets to the 3rd stage of the hoist. Wiegand Liners are the best!"

–Denis Engemann, Tri-County Trucking & Excavating Inc, Hermann, MO


“I had Wiegand Liners install Easy Slide liners in my four trailers. I would not own a trailer without installing a liner. It’s like a heavy load off your mind. It is much safer to dump, stops floor wear, and drastically reduces sticking and freezing.

The liners were installed from 1997-2001, and I am still using them today with only minor repairs done in 2006. The quality of a Wiegand Installation cannot be beat.”

–Dean Wettstien, Eureka, IL


Since 1993 we have had Wiegand Liners install 18 Easy-Slide liners in our aluminum end-dump trailers. We have found that these liners have done what we expected. The load slides out before the trailer is completely up in the air, which is a real safety concern with dumping loads in landfills.

“We are also impressed about the installation and repair work. The times we had damage to the liner (by pieces of steel or sharp objects), we found that a small section could be replaced at a small cost. The installation of the liner around the doghouse does not let any material get under the liner and also less buildup of wax.”

– Kevin Coulter, Peoria Disposal Company, Peoria, IL


“The floors in our 22’-26’ trailers were very thin and wavy. In the spring of 1999 we replaced the floors and side walls that were worn thin. We then had Wiegand Liners install two 3/8” x 10’ QuickSilver liners and seven 3/8” x 10’ Easy-Slide liners. The QuickSilver liners show hardly any sign of wear, and the Easy-Slide liners are still wearing well. We are very satisfied with their installation and follow-ups. I highly recommend their liners and their service.”

– Henry Stobe, Construction Materials, Peoria, IL


“The QuickSilver liner we had put in by Wiegand Liners has held up well, for most of our trucks dump about four times an hour. They were put in very well. The people at Wiegands have kept in touch to make sure we have had no problems.”

– Joe Brone, Galena Road & Gravel, Inc., Chillicothe, IL


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