What are the Benefits of a Liner?

• Releases load 1-2 stages sooner, giving you a possible extra load per day
• Dumps cleaner with little or no carry back, eliminating end-of-day cleanout
• Eliminates use of release agents
• Insulation value reduces loads freezing to the floor in cold weather
• Makes you more serviceable for additional employment
• Reduces the risk of a tip over, because load breaks loose from the liner 1-2 stages quicker
Cost effective
• Prevents floor wear on new trailers
• UHMW will out-wear aluminum 2-to-1 and will wear equally to steel (typically lasting 6-10 years
with average usage)
• Can be installed over thin or wavy floor instead of re-flooring
• Reduces overall maintenance cost on trailer and drive system
• Reduces insurance costs
• Typically adds $1000-2000 to resale value of trailer

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