Leader in the Lining of Dump Trucks and Trailers 

Wiegand Liners was created to fill a need, both personally and commercially. Wiegand Fertilizer Service became tired of having lime freezing and sticking to their trailer, leading to the installation of a 28’ dump trailer liner in September of 1991 that provided quick and complete release of the lime from their trailer, regardless of the temperature. Other truckers soon observed the benefits of this liner and expressed their own interest, creating a sideline business for the Wiegand family. In 1996, Steve and Mary Ellen Wiegand sold their fertilizer business to focus solely on the sales, installation, and repair of dump truck liners.


Today, Wiegand Liners is a QuickSilver dealer for Illinois, parts of Iowa and Missouri. Having installed over 2,500 liners, their experience and knowledge of the installation process remains unsurpassed.


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Wiegand Liners, Inc., Truck Bedliner, Mackinaw, IL